The Parallel Effect

Daz Chandler (VIC/NSW)

  • 50% visual content
  • Wheelchair access
  • Blaktix

A Next Wave x Punctum co-commission  

Presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Dive through a wormhole to a parallel dimension where scientific, social, and political consensus on the Greenhouse Effect in the 1970s and 1980s was actioned globally, and many of today’s catastrophic realities of climate change were mitigated.

At the border of worlds is a museum of curiosities and artefacts: some shared in both dimensions, others marking alternatively climatic, political, institutional, natural, and social evolutions. Probe and imagine the commonalities and differences of ours and other parallel worlds; some overt, some forgotten and some nostalgic.

This experience is curated collaboratively and framed across media and discipline. Fusing together immersive theatre, creative optics, virtual and digital technologies, and artefacts both real and imagined, The Parallel Effect moves and decontaminates participants from the confines and pathologies of one world to another.

These other worlds lead to the pursuit of broader truths: the opportunity to reclaim and expand upon histories and realities of today, enabling us to rethink and imagine the unlimited possibilities of our own universe.

Content warnings

This production contains extreme theatrical haze effects, rapid changing environments, unexpected darkness, sudden strobe and laser lighting effects and loud dynamic sound. It also contains some mature themes, and is not recommended for children under 12 years old. 

Audiences should also note that this show requires you to stand, we encourage audience members with mobility requirements to contact the venue so suitable adjustments can be made. 

Audiences are advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for this performance.   

There is not late entry to this performance, and strictly no re-admittance. Bags and bulky items need to be checked-in ahead of entry.  

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The Parallel Effect is supported by the Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation and City of Darebin through Darebin Arts Speakeasy.

A special thanks to Catriona Arcamone, Laura Cross, Mike Jury, Anna Reeves, Chris Kemp, Matthew Welsh.

Daz Chandler: Lead Artist / Producer
Edwin Montgomery: Composer / Sound Designer< Isabella Andronos: Production Designer Warren Armstrong: Technology Lead / Writer Ahmed Salama: Key Art / Contributing Artist Eloise Chandler: Archival Research Curator / Writer  Safdar Ahmed: Writer / Contributing Artist Kat Clarke: Writer Nick Hogan: Video Editor Matt Gorrie: Cinematography Christian Heinrich: 3D Modelling Boris Bagattini: Laser & Projection Designer Kathy Luu: Interdimensional Safety Instructor Niveen Abdelatty: Interdimensional Guide Joseph Cummins: Interdimensional Guide Fox Wylde: Hair & Make-up for Ms Luu Chris Kemp: Interdimensional travelling capes Heather Smith & Holly Preston: Interdimensional Spacesuit Customisation

Born on unceded Awabakal country, Daz Chandler is an interdisciplinary storyteller who loves writing early morning haikus and daydreaming about time travelling to theremin classes with sublime maestra, Clara Rockmore. When she can’t get to sleep, she fantasises about attending a film festival that only screens the worst in karaoke video. She loves hanging out with dogs (clearly the best people) and playing music with the newly formed synth punk duo, ‘Here Is Great.’

Her work which traverses words, film, audio and performance, explores territory which flirts with the surreal and unknown and challenges preconceived sociocultural or political ideas to create points of connection between unlikely parties. Daz’s work, The Parallel Effect was recently announced as the 2019 recipient of the Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Peace Award.