Signs For Our Times

    This summer Australia experienced unprecedented trauma in the form of disasters exacerbated by climate change. In the spirit of regeneration and growth, this project makes space to start the process of renewal and restoration. 

    Signs For Our Times is a socially-engaged art project that invites participants to explore craft’s capacity to hold open spaces for complex conversations that are inclusive of a multiplicity of voices. Through a series of workshops, Tal Fitzpatrick, along with a selection of guest artists, will facilitate the creation of eight large textile banners, each exploring difference social, political and environmental issues. Participants will also be invited to write and share letters to relevant government and business leaders, giving voice to our demands for the future. 

     With an emphasis on the role of dissensus and the importance of moving from discussion to action, this project takes a creative approach to the everyday practice of democracy and puts action to our hopes and concerns.  

     Signs For Our Times has been assisted by Creative Victoria and the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program. Thanks to Testing Grounds and all the participating organisations and artists.