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RALLY is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the Government of South Australia.

A Next Wave x ACE Open co-commission 

Closing the Festival, RALLY offers an afternoon of personal reflection, political critique, vibrant discussion, and emotional response to A Government of Artists. What has this Government achieved? Who has it served? What has been put in motion? What has it enabled us to hear, see, learn, and understand? What has it failed to do? And where to from here?

Online arts publication, fine print magazine invites practitioners Andy Butler, Lay the Mystic, Thomas McCammon, Taree Sansbury, Ruth de Souza and Lisa Waup alongside other voices from the Next Wave Festival 2020 cohort to respond to the Festival’s artistic rationale. They will tease out linkages between language, care, sovereignty, and spirituality explored by Next Wave artists throughout the Festival.

Through the action of transcribing the written word into physical, performative, and sensory work, fine print’s RALLY is an investigation into the politics of presentations and collective kinship. Whilst engaging with the themes of the Festival, this thoughtfully curated series of responses is concerned with the architecture of people and the multi-sensory act of transcription.

Content Warnings

This work may contain coarse language and some mature themes.  

Curated and developed by Rayleen Forester and Joanna Kitto.
Featuring contributions by Ruth de Souza, Taree Sansbury, Thomas McCammon, and Lisa Waup, alongside other voices from the 2020 Next Wave cohort.

fine print is an independent online magazine focusing on critical and experimental discussion around contemporary art. We are excited about fresh perspectives in the practice of writing about visual art; new forms of reporting, reviewing, debating and reciprocating contemporary art that make an effort to actively record art as it happens.

Each issue is centered around a concept key to the contemporary art world. From our base on Kaurna land, we have an eye for the concerns and preoccupations of local, national and international communities, and believe in the importance of a conversation that recognises the contribution of each to our understanding of current art practice.

fine print is steered by co-editors Rayleen Forester and Joanna Kitto. Since its inception in 2014,  fine print  has presented  over 160 articles and reviews from emerging, mid-career and established artists, writers and curators in Australia and beyond.