Marcus Whale (NSW)

  • 50% visual content
  • Wheelchair access
  • Blaktix

Performances are surtitled.

A Next Wave x Liquid Architecture with Arts House co-commission

Presented by Arts House

Desire is a form of possession, commanding the body from within. Do we resist its embrace, or allow it to compel us wherever it must? Drawing on horror film tropes of the monster queer, this electronic opera-for-one is a magical summoning – a longing for communion with the invisible, where the performer’s body moves, and is moved by, sound.

Possession celebrates the high drama and craft of opera via a solo performer inhabited by forces beyond human control. Aural feedback manifests physically and disembodied sounds hum, howl, and screech. An unseen force slowly takes charge of the body. As this soundscape of haunted vibrations expands, a grotesque dance of hunger and transformation unfolds.

Possession is a compelling glimpse of the unimaginable; macabre and triumphant at once. It brings together the diverse talents of multi-disciplinary artists Marcus Whale, Justin Shoulder and Matt Adey to conjure a theatrical vision of erotic desire with the power to change both body and mind.

Content Warnings

This production contains theatrical haze effects, dynamic loud sound and lighting. Strobe effects are used for 3 minutes, approximately 20 minutes into the performance. Audience members needing more information about the use of strobe effects are encouraged to contact the the venue so suitable adjustments can be made. 

Possession is supported by the Robert Salzer Foundation and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.

Lead artist, performer/composer: Marcus Whale
Designer: Matthew Adey for Beizj Studio
Dramaturg: Justin Shoulder
Costume Design: Megan Hanson
Sound Design: Becki Whitton

Marcus Whale lives and works on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. His work across music, performance and text focuses on the blurry, haunted intersection between desire and religion, often with reference to the poetics of memory and ghostliness.