Nana Biluš Abaffy (VIC) & Parvin Saljoughi (IR)

  • 50% visual content
  • Wheelchair access
  • Blaktix

Co-commissioned with Chunky Move as part of Chunky Move+

Presented by Chunky Move

GREEN NASIM is an experimental choreographic work about outsider art imaginaries, set inside a hijacked cinema screening a live as yet unfinished documentary about the coming animal revolution.

It is inspired in part by the strange story of Nasim Aghdam, a prolific YouTube video artist, Iranian immigrant, and animal rights activist who, in April 2018, took her own life following a violent incident at the U.S. YouTube headquarters over censorship allegations.

Zagreb-born choreographer Nana Biluš Abaffy and Tehran-based artist Parvin Saljoughi dissect the sometimes-tragic disconnect between fantasy and cold reality, and deliberate on the meaning of freedom for an outsider alien artist.

Content Warnings

This production contains mature themes. It may also contain some dynamic sound and lighting.  

Mature themes: references to and potential descriptions of suicide.

GREEN NASIM has been supported by and developed through residencies at Centrale Fies in Italy, where an earlier episode was selected as part of the Live Works Award and presented at 2019 Drodesera Festival; in Brussels at workspacebrussels / Kaaistudios; in Milan as part of the Rooze Mabada exhibition at Giardino Segreto, supported by ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative and Flash Art; and at Arts House supported by the City of Melbourne through CultureLab. This project is co-presented by Chunky Move as part of Chunky Move +. Chunky Move + is supported by the Besen Family Foundation.

Sponsored by:

  • Chunky Move
  • Besen Family Foundation

Devised and performed by Nana Biluš Abaffy and Parvin Saljoughi  

Tehran based artist Parvin Saljoughi and Zagreb born Melbourne/Brussels based artist Nana Biluš Abaffy dissect the tragic disconnect between fantasy and a sometimes hostile reality, deliberating on the meaning of freedom for an outsider alien artist.

NANA BILUŠ ABAFFY is an artist with a background in philosophy and a foreground in experimental performance and dance.Currently she is making work in collaboration with artist Parvin Saljoughi for the upcoming Tehran Contemporary Sculpture Biennial. Recent 2019 collaborative works with Parvin include performative & video based pieces which were presented at: Giardino Segreto in the Palazzo Durini in Milan as part of the exhibition ‘Rooze Mabada’, in collaboration with ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative and Flash Art; at Centrale Fies Art Work Space where it was selected as part of the Live Works Performance Award/Drodesera Festival; and shown at Kaaistudio’s in collaboration with workspacebrussels residency.Earlier in 2019, Nana presented work at the biennial Dance Massive Festival in Australia; and was an Arts House CultureLab artist in residence. In 2018, she was a finalist in the Keir Choreographic Award; made work for Santarcangelo Festival in Italy; Melbourne Festival of Live Art/BalletLab; Runway Experimental Art Magazine; and was invitedby Brussels Kunstenfestivaldesarts to undertake the res+ref artist residency.