Everyone Is Famous

Riot Stage (VIC)

  • 50% visual content
  • Auslan interpreting
  • Wheelchair access
  • Blaktix

Presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy 

The internet is the Wild West. Persona in 2020 is post-ironic, post-truth, post and delete, pre-apocalypse and politically charged. It is freeing, it is constricting, it is gender-bending/breaking/ignoring. It is Kanye, it is catfishers, it is completely new, it is SIMS, it is Rachel Dolezal, it is Essena O’Neill, it is Trump, it is Fyre Festival, it is #hotgirlsummer, it is Miley, it is Kylie, it is filtered and honed. It is up to you. It is an art. It is a career. It is breaking all the rules. It is more complicated than ever.

In Everyone Is Famous, a group of teenagers pioneer this new uncertain territory on stage for you to witness with awe/shock/pleasure/horror/commiseration/empathy/lols. Image is not just attached to our bodies, it’s in the cloud. We step away and look at it from a distance, save it, delete it, like it, boost it.

Content Warnings

This production contains theatrical haze effects, dynamic sound and lighting. It also contains mature themes and some coarse language.   

Mature themes: some enacted violence (wrestling)  

Mature themes: themes relating to gender diversity and dysphoria 

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Everyone Is Famous is proudly supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and by theDarebin City Council’s Community Grants Program. The work is jointly presented by Riot Stage, Next Wave and Darebin Speakeasy. Riot Stage receives support from Moreland City Council’s Arts Investment Grant.

Director: Katrina Cornwell 
Writer: Morgan Rose 
Technical Director/Sound Designer : Justin Gardam 
Actors: Amelia Newman, Bonnie Brown, Sunny Chiron, Jack Palit, Alex Veljanovski, Anna Elise Louey, Mila Lawson, Liam Trumble, Lillah Summers Dixon
Lighting Designer: Claire Springett
Set and Costume Designer: Bethany J. Fellows
Production Manager: Sarah Branton
Stage Manager: Jacinta Anderson


Riot Stage is a 10-year-old, artist-run independent theatre company that creates new work with teenagers through long-term collaboration. The company brings together the diverse practices of physical theatre director Katrina Cornwell & American-born writer Morgan Rose. Since 2010, Riot Stage has made 9 new works across Australia, participated in major festivals (Mackay Festival of Arts, Poppyseed Festival, Melbourne’s Festival of Life Art, Melbourne Fringe, etc.), been nominated for awards (Best Live Art, Melbourne Fringe), sold out shows, collaborated with renowned artists (Yandell Walton, House of Vnholy, etc.), & been well received by audiences & critics alike.