Brunswick Mechanics Institute

Make yourself at home.

Brunswick Mechanics Institute is the home of Next Wave Festival 2020.

Our door is wide open and we’re inviting you to come over. Start early and stay up late, eat and dance, share and listen.

Brunswick Mechanics Institute is all about hospitality. We are rethinking what it means for you to be welcomed as a guest, to be comfy and to be cared for. Here, we play host for coming-togethers of all kinds.

Our throbbing heart is Big Esso – a pop-up kitchen created by Torres Strait owned and run café Mabu Mabu. Big Esso in the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island means “biggest thank you”. Running throughout the Festival, they will be serving up delicious dishes celebrating Indigenous ingredients that have been used for over 60,000 years.

Join us Friday nights for a chat over a meal with some of our Festival artists. Wake up on Saturday morning with a special Festival-edition crossword and a filter coffee, then hang around for an afternoon cooking class. Stay with us into the night or drop in after a show to partyyyy.

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